Book Review: The Aubrey Rules – Aven Ellis

For Chicago social media professional Aubrey Paige, the rules are everything. So much so that Aubrey has painstakingly written her rules for living into a polka-dot Kate Spade notebook that she carries with her at all times. It’s her personal guidebook to living her life. These rules are the Holy Grail—ones never to be broken. They guide her actions for everything, from dealing with workplace drama to finding a great guy to date. After all, these are her own rules, built from her life experiences and observations. So they have to be perfect, right?

Or are they?

Because when Aubrey meets a cute Canadian, she suddenly finds her rules being tested and challenged in ways she never dreamed possible. Beckett Riley is the shy, quiet, determined captain of the Chicago Buffaloes, a hockey team on the verge of turning the corner to becoming a winning organization. He’s Aubrey’s opposite, with so many qualities that Aubrey had listed as ones she’d never want in a man.

Yet Aubrey finds herself drawn to Beckett in ways she’s never known. And when she unexpectedly finds herself working with Beckett, she wonders if rules are meant to be broken after all . . .


For me, Aven Ellis is the “Queen of Romance”! I read all of her previous books and none of them are a disappointment. I don’t normally re-read books, but her novels are just so special, that re-reading is almost a must. Whenever I need a pick-me-up-moment and am looking through my bookshelves for the read that will just do that, it is always an Aven Ellis book that will be the final choice.

I was hugely excited to be reading The Aubrey Rules, the 1st instalment in the Chicago on Ice Series, ahead of its publication date. Thank you, Aven, for sending me an ARC of this fantastic novel.

Aubrey and Beckett are two amazing characters. From the first moment these two meet,  you know their relationship will turn into something special. The gestures and dates Aubrey and especially Beckett are planning for each other are so incredibly heart-warming – but never too cheesy! I have no idea how Aven does this, but her storylines are just perfect and so well thought out.

I loved Aubrey’s personality. She is feisty, knows what she wants and is just simply adorable. Her rules, that introduce each chapter, are brilliant. More than once did I giggle to myself and thought: “Yes, that’s me”.

If you have not read one of Aven’s books just yet, I strongly urge you to do so. They are perfect romance novels with the right amount of love, wit and action – and the male hero is always into hockey – bonus!


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