My top 2015 reads (plus my little girl’s most loved books)

It feels like only yesterday that I wrote my top 2014 reads post. I cannot believe I am here again writing about my favourite books of 2015. This year has been such a busy year for us and I felt that time just flew by. I haven’t read as many books as I have done in previous years, but there have been quite a few outstanding ones that will stay with me for a long time.

Here we go:


Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan

Breakout by Aven Ellis

Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt

My Sister’s Secret by Tracy Buchanan

The Ballroom Café by Ann O’Loughlin

Quintessentially Yours by Linn B Halton

I thought that this year I should also include my little girl’s most loved books. We read her a bedtime story every evening and let her choose the books she would like to hear. These 3 are definitely her favourites and ones my husband and I can already recite in our sleep…


The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie by Jamie Rix

Chicken Little (adapted) by Oakley Graham

Doc McStuffins Storybook Collection

I am always keen for new recommendations. Did you read any good books this year?



  1. Ah, so thrilled and proud to see Quintessentially Yours in the line-up! Two of our ‘little ones’ favourites are there too – so I must check out The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie – who could resist ha! ha! Happy New Year to you and yours, Heidi – hope it’s going to be an awesome year! Lxx

    • Happy New Year to you and your family too, Linn. The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie is a brilliant children’s book. It teaches good manners :-). xx

      • We’re big on that, Heidi. Adults don’t always set the best example. You tend to notice it more when you have a young child around – like coughing, when people don’t cover their mouths!!

        • Morgan always tells people off when they don’t cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing 🙂

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