Stay Safe in the Snow – Winter Driving Tips

I am not a huge fan of winter, but I love snow. Playing outside, building snowmen, sledging – there are endless opportunities. I’ll never forget the huge smile on our little girl’s face when she saw snow for the first time.


Driving in snow, however, is a completely different subject. If your car is not winter-safe, you can encounter so many problems. A few years ago, we had quite a scary experience driving to Germany over the Christmas period. When we left England there was no snow at all, but as soon as we got to France it started snowing quite heavily. We saw so many accidents and stranded cars along the way and by the time we made it to Holland, the driving conditions were so bad, that motorways were being shut. After several hours of driving along country roads (sometimes not even knowing whether we were even still on a road!) we arrived safely at our destination. Luckily our car was equipped with winter tyres – without these we would have never managed to get through all this snow.

There are plenty of winter safety tips you can find online, but here are my top tips:

My top winter driving tips

  • winter tyres are an absolute must!
  • a Sat Nav will come in handy (we had to find alternative routes when major roads were shut). The one we use is from TomTom and has always been incredibly reliable
  • take plenty of food and drink (you never know what the delays will be like)
  • pack some warm blankets (it can get chilly if you are stuck in static traffic and with the engine off)
  • if you are travelling with children, make sure you have enough books, toys, games etc. with you to keep them entertained (journeys in the snow can often take a lot longer than anticipated)

I doubt we will see any snow in England this winter (although you’ll never know), but if you are off to a snowy destination this winter, you might find the following infographic designed by Pryers very helpful.


Are  you planning any winter holidays this year?

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post



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