Book Review: Never Forgotten by Stacey Nash


About the book

Since the strike on Collective territory during Anamae’s rescue, things have taken a turn for the worse. Unprovoked attacks on innocent people have Anamae and her friends fighting day and night to minimise the damage. With hundreds of lives lost, morale amongst the resistance fighters has plummeted. But that’s the least of her worries.

Manvyke still has Anamae’s mom, Annie, secreted away somewhere and after the way they parted, Anamae worries it’s not at her mother’s bidding. Maybe Annie’s disappearance all those years ago wasn’t her choice. But with Manvyke scouring the world, there’s something far more pressing than the need to find Anamae’s mother …

It’s a fight against time to find the other keys before Manvyke. In his hands, the three relics could unlock enough power to reek a much worse havoc than the current issues at hand. If the councillor gets his hands on those keys, civilisation will bow down.

My thoughts on the book

Never Forgotten is the third and final instalment in Stacey Nash’s YA series. After reading the two previous books, I was very keen to find out how this series would conclude. Stacey Nash certainly did not disappoint and wrote a high impact third instalment that tied all loose ends together.

Not only are Anamae and her friends busier than ever fighting against the Collective as there are more and more unprovoked attacks on innocent people, but Manvyke (the leader of the Collective) still holds Anamae’s mother captive. To make matters worse, Manvyke is on the hunt to collect all three keys that will unlock so much power to surely destroy civilisation. Will the resistance fighters be able to stop him in time?

I really enjoyed the other two instalments, but this one was in my opinion the best. I thought the parallel storylines – the team split for a while and whilst Anamae was busy searching for clues about her mum, other team members focused on stopping Manyke in his hunt for the relics – were very well thought through and helped to keep the suspense heightened until the very end.

Anamae is a character I liked from the beginning on. I admired her strength and courage and although she faced the most insane problems and challenges, she never gave up. I couldn’t always agree with every decision she took, but thought her character development was brilliant.

I don’t usually read a lot of YA fiction, but I enjoyed this series immensely.

A huge thank you to the publisher for approving me to read this book via NetGalley.

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