Me and Mine (December)


December has been such a busy month for us. We did a lot of fun things, but we were also put out of action due to illness for a few days. In the middle of the month I took our little girl to our local theatre  to watch the pantomine. She was looking forward to going for so long, but when we arrived at the theatre, she wasn’t sure. We had tears and requests of wanting to go home. After a little while, however, she really started to enjoy herself and we stayed for the whole show. A few days later we went to see Father Christmas, which our little one absolutely loved! He was extremely kind and took a lot of time to speak to her and to make her feel comfortable. I really loved the pictures we were able to take. Another December highlight was seeing our gorgeous little girl take part in her first ever nativity play that her nursery had organised. We were so proud and there might have been a few tears (on our part this time…). On Christmas Eve we travelled to see my parents and my sister. As they live abroad, we don’t get to see them very often. Being able to spend Christmas and a few days afterwards with them was so nice.


this month our little one loved:

  • meeting Father Christmas mid December
  • helping to bake Christmas biscuits for the whole family
  • unwrapping and playing with her Christmas presents
  •  spending time with her grandparents, auntie and uncle
  • eating her Christmas chocolates

this month my husband loved:

  • buying Christmas presents online and well ahead 
  • playing Fallout 4 with his brother-in-law
  • assembling his Christmas present
  • watching his little girl in her first nativity play

this month I loved:

  • watching my little girl in her first nativity play
  • spending time with the whole family
  • going to the theatre to watch the pantomine
  • eating (quite possibly way too much) chocolate
  • having some time off from work 
dear beautiful


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