My Captured Moment #22 – Jumping in Muddy Puddles



Our garden is extremely waterlogged at the moment, but at least there is one advantage – our little one was able to play and splash in the mud outside, which she hugely enjoyed. We dressed her in her wellie boots and waterproof clothing and off she went. She was literally covered in mud from head to toe. She had a blast – and so did we, admittedly. Peppa Pig is not wrong: Jumping up and down in muddy puddles is fun!!

Running in Lavender



  1. I have wonderful memories of when the boys were younger and they got completely covered in mud so many times and each time my neighbour at the time looked on in horror! Children and mud were made to together!

    • It’s brilliant, Rosie, isn’t? The smile and laughter on my little girl’s face was so lovely to see.

    • Definitely! :-). Thank god for washing machines!! :-). Thanks for stopping by, Shaz!

    • We had so much fun. The puddle was fully covered with grass, before she started playing…

    • So much fun. She is usually not one for getting dirty either, but she hugely enjoyed playing the puddle.

  2. What is it about jumping in muddy puddles? I think all kids love doing this, I know my two do. These are great shots, your daughter looks like she’s having the best time! Thank you so much for linking up to #mycapturedmoment

  3. Oh my I got flashbacks reading this to when my girls used to love getting muddy. Puddles are fun though and sometime I still jump in them when I am walking the dog, sometimes I even forget I don’t have my wellies on doh! A brilliant captured moment, I think this is what childhood is all about xxx

    • Completely agree Lisa. You definitely don’t need to be a child to jump in puddles :-).

  4. Hi Heidi, OOoooooo that looks like fun. Muddy puddles must have been created for jumping in, after all what else is there to do with them!



  5. Sorry I’m late with my comments – my birthday weekend got away with me! These photos are fab. We have to really fight our daughter into her waterproof gear, even with the promise of puddle splashing and mud squelching. Such a pain. (In the second photo, is she literally knee deep in mud!? Or is she kneeling…?)

    • Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a lovely time. Our little one is a real outdoor girl – she can’t get her waterproof clothing on quick enough. She is kneeling in the mud on the second picture :-).

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