My Captured Moment #29 – Tinker Bell for World Book Day

Happy World Book Day! Books play such a big role in our house. If you follow my blog, you will know that I am completely obsessed with books. Much to my delight, our little girl has also developed a love for books and we are keen visitors of bookshops and libraries. For this year’s World Book Day, I have let my little one choose the character she wanted to be (secretly having my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be anything too difficult – my crafting skills are definitely somewhat limited). Her choice: Tinker Bell (can you hear my sigh of relief?).

Tinker Bell

So off she went to nursery this morning with a teddy bear in her arms (the children are having a teddy bear picnic this afternoon), my little Tinker Bell.

Running in Lavender



    • Thanks. So glad that the costume didn’t require too many crafty skills :-).

  1. Gorgeous. I hope your LO enjoyed the teddy bear picnic Heidi.

    So much excitement in school today! We’ve had a themed WBD Alice in Wonderland and all the costumes were amazing. It’s so great to get a whole day of enrichment curriculum 🙂 and it has such an effect on other areas of the curriculum too.

    • I can’t wait to pick her up from nursery later and hear all about what they’ve done today. I love World Book Day :-).

  2. We love books too and I so miss mine dressing up for world book day, although the eldest is on teacher training and did go to school in her onesie today ha! A great picture of Tink, I love her face paint xx

    • Dressing up is so much fun :-). Our little one insisted on the face paint :-).

  3. ah World Book Day is just such a wonderful thing, I love how it engages little once with literature, Joe’s school does not celebrate it and I think it is so sad, such a cute photo Heidi she looks so proud of her costume x

    • Thanks, Sarah. She loved her costume. She wore it all day and cried bitterly when she had to take it off to go in the bathtub. xx

    • That’s a shame that your nursery didn’t do the dressing up. All of my little girl’s friends loved it!

  4. Hi Heidi, I love to see children reading and enjoying what they read and World Book Day sounds like a fun way to encourage children to pick up a book. Your little girl looks lovely as Tinkerbell.

    I was lucky that my Mum is handy with a sewing machine when my two were little as I am totally hopeless when it comes to sewing anything beyond a tiny hole!


    • She had such a lovely day at nursery. They really did so many fantastic activities with the children. Sewing is not one of my strengths either :-).

  5. Ah and what a beautiful little Tink she is! Great job the make-up too. My little Pops when for Snow White – like you, I was relived as we already had the costume. Thank you for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

    • Thank you :-). World Book Day and dressing up is so much fun. She had a brilliant day at nursery. Thanks for hosting #MyCapturedMoment!

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