My Captured Moment #32 – Easter Crafts




I took this series of shots on Tuesday when we literally spent all afternoon painting, gluing and sticking. We made a few Easter presents and also our little girl’s Easter bonnet for nursery (they are having a bonnet competition today). Our little one is such a craft-loving child. She will happily spend hours with her paintbrushes drawing little masterpieces. An artist in the making? Maybe. Not a skill she inherited from me though. I can help with the basics, but that’s where my crafting knowledge ends.





  1. Getting ‘hands on’ inspires little ones to experiment and that’s what makes it such fun! That’s one little girl who will be proudly wearing her Easter bonnet, that’s for sure!

  2. Hi Heidi, your little girls Easter bonnet is very pretty and even if she doesn’t win the competition, she’s got a pretty pink bonnet she’s decorated herself to showoff to the world… I hope she did win!

    I’m not very crafty either, although I used to make the effort with the children because I thought they liked it. It was only when it clicked that I was having more fun than them cutting, gluing and glittering things up, that I knew it was time to stop.

    Happy Easter.


    • Aww – you are lovely! She didn’t win, but every child received a prize anyway :-). Happy Easter to you too Debbie!

  3. Ah Heidi I used to love making Easter Bonnets, I so miss things like this, such beautiful memories, I hope she won bless, I bet its so hard for the teachers to choose x x

    • Every child received a small prize and a certificate :-). Happy Easter, Sarah! xx

    • Thanks, Kirsty! Happy Easter to you too! We had glorious sunshine today :-). x

    • We had a lovely Easter, thanks! Probably are too much chocolate though :-). xx

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