My Captured Moment #31 – Memories of a 2nd Birthday


Our little girl is turning 4 next week (where has the time gone??). For this week’s My Captured Moment, I chose a picture from two years ago when we took her to Peppa Pig World for her second birthday. I absolutely adore this picture and it is one we have framed in our living room. As soon as we entered the “school building”, Peppa, George, Madame Gazelle and Suzie Sheep all received big cuddles and kisses, before she started holding hands with Peppa and George to pose for the camera. I will never forget the expression of sheer joy and excitement on her little face. 





  1. Oh that is such a brilliant picture! I can imagine the sheer joy. Peppa pig was new to TV when our youngest was little, she loved it and would have been the same if Peppa Pig World had been open then. Hope she has a fabulous birthday xxxx

  2. Hi Heidi, I can see why you adore this picture. Your little girl looks so happy and tiny. I hope you manage to capture an equally as special photo on her forth birthday too.


    • Thanks Debbie. She had a fantastic 4th birthday :-). She was so much more aware of everything this year and so super excited.

  3. Aww, I have this picture too. However, Tin Box Tot is looking a bit bewildered in ours. She had such an amazing day but I think it was a little bit overwhelming for her 🙂 #mycapturedmoment

  4. Ah I want to go, I hate that the boys have grown out of Peppa I have to watch it with my goddaughter now. Such a cute photo I bet she was over the moon to visit x

    • Always a pleasure, Heledd. Peppa Pig World really is a fantastic place for younger children. We only managed to go there once, but we had such a lovely day.

  5. This is a brilliant photo – honestly, I looked at it initially and thought, “weird choice for #mycapturedmoment… Peppa and his friends… but ok…” then started reading the caption and thought “hang on, there’s a girl in the picture!?” and low & behold! She looks so tiny! I’d completely missed her! Love her little face and that adorable ponytail!

    • Haha, you are not the first one to say so. Our little one is so tiny in that picture – she can easily be overlooked :-).

    • We had such a lovely day there. She is still talking about it now, two years later :-).

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