The Me and Mine Project (February)

Although we had 29 days in February this year, this month still went by incredibly fast (proof: As I am writing this we are already a few days into March…). Despite the weather still being so cold and wet (I am definitely ready for spring!), we still managed to get out and about at the weekends quite a bit. From walking up the Downs in very windy conditions to wading through thick mud around a reservoir – we literally did it all. We had my sister and my brother-in-law visit us for a few days this month. We don’t get to see them very often as they live in a different country and although we skype regularly, seeing each other in person is also so much more special. Our little one was so excited and literally didn’t leave their side. We have also been busy preparing birthday parties that are coming up in March. Our little girl will turn 4 (where did the time go??) and my husband will be 40 in a couple of weeks.




this month our little one loved:

  • playing with her aunt and uncle who stayed with us for a couple of days
  • getting covered in mud from head to toe on our weekend walks
  • writing (scribbling) on her birthday invitations she has handed out to her friends
  • getting up and it’s no longer dark outside
  • making candles with her daddy

this month my husband loved:

  • being picked up from the train station after work from his little girl (well, and me of course)
  • playing Resident Evil games on his Xbox
  • buying and enjoying our new TV (yes, we are finally in the digital world being proud owners of a smart TV)
  • making candles with his little girl
  • somehow missing the rain almost every day

this month I loved:

  • spending time with my sister and my brother-in-law
  • enjoying some brilliant programmes on Netflix
  • discovering some new recipes and surprising my family with some delicious food
  • booking the venue and buying presents for our little girl’s birthday
The Me and Mine Project


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