Why we love Bing (Bunny)

Although we do not watch an awful lot of TV, all three of us still have our favourite TV programmes. I usually let our little girl watch Cbeebies in the mornings whilst I rush upstairs to get ready for work. Ever since she was little, Bing is one of the programmes she enjoys the most. A few weeks ago she met Bing and Flop at Drusillas Park. She was completely in awe. As soon as we got back home, she found her Bing DVD’s and pretty much watched them back to back.


I have to admit, that I enjoy Bing too and it is one of the few programmes I will sit down and watch together with her. We compiled a list of reasons why our whole family loves Bing:

  • Bing behaves like a “real child” (let’s omit the fact, that he is a bunny) – yes, he has tantrums – so much closer to reality (unlike Topsy and Tim…)
  • Lovable animated characters (so cute!)
  • Bing books are perfect for bedtime reading and also easy enough for children who just start out learning to read by themselves


  • Educational storylines (this is such an important factor for me)
  • We love the innocence about this programme
  • About the right length (our little one often gets bored if programmes/films are on too long)
  • Bing has a beautifully engaging website with so many ideas and activities for little Bingsters

Over the years, we have collected quite a few Bing related toys/items. Mind you, this really only is a small choice, there are other ones scattered around the entire house.


Our little girl especially loves her knitted Flop. A lady my husband works with kindly knitted this for us, using the knitting pattern provided on Bing’s website.

Which TV programmes are your little one’s favourite?

Disclosure: Some the above shown merchandise was kindly sent to us by Team Bing, but we were under no obligation to write this post.





    • It really is brilliant! I don’t even mind watching the same episodes. Thanks for stopping by, Jenni.

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