My Captured Moment #34 – Three Generations


I love this picture of my mum, our little girl and I. We took it when we visited my parents over the Christmas period. Family means so very much to me and I am incredibly grateful for having such a strong bond with my mother. Although, due to living in different countries, we don’t get to see each other too often, we regularly speak on the phone or skype and visit whenever possible.

Each year, we plan a family holiday (my husband, our little girl, my parents, my sister, her boyfriend and I). For this year’s holiday we are off to Disneyland Paris – we cannot wait! 

I am linking this #MyCapturedMoment with Heledd at Running in Lavender.



  1. It’s a lovely photo, Heidi. I love the way your Mum is looking at your daughter. Family is special and it must be nice to meet up for a family holiday despite living in different countries…. I loved Disneyland Paris. You are going to have a fab time!


  2. I’m exactly the same! My mum is my best friend and biggest supporter, we have a fantastic bond too. This is a gorgeous picture, I hope you have it framed in your house. I need to do a similar picture with mum and girls. Thank you so much for linking to #mycaptutedmoment xx

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