My Captured Moment #39 – Our Little Girl And Her Toy Mouse

I won’t lie, our little girl has quite a few toys and although she plays with all of them, there is one stuffed toy that has a special place in her heart- her toy mouse. I can’t remember exactly when we bought it for her, but it must have been around the time she started nursery when she was 9 months old. Ever since then, this mouse is her constant companion. No matter where we go, mouse is coming too – to the supermarket, to nursery, on holiday – you name it. When I was a little girl, I also had a soft toy that I would not let out of my eyesight. It was a little rainbow coloured rabbit that must still be in a box in my parent’s attic somewhere. Luckily, our daughter’s mouse washes quite well (you don’t want to see the state of the toy when our little girl comes home from nursery). Her beloved toy has a “bath” (yes, I stick her in the washing machine) on a regular basis. Our little one proudly helps me to hang the mouse up on the washing line. She loves her being all soft and clean and ready for more cuddles.


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  1. This is so lovely 🙂 My daughter has a blanket with a giraffe on called her bobo (it was what I called mine when I was young). She hates it when I wash it though! #MyCapturedMoment

  2. Ah bless, I too had a bear I love he is in our loft, I couldn’t even leave home with Ted bless him. Our boys both had a favourite bear too, so lovely to look back on Heidi x

  3. Hi Heidi, how cute. My daughter had a brightly coloured soft toy flower that came free with a pack of nappies that she used to cherish. I dreaded the day she lost it as she wouldn’t entertain any of her other soft toys in the same way and I couldn’t get a spare (I tried. I also got her one similar, but she wouldn’t touch it).

    Luckily no harm ever came to it and the very tatty and frayed flower sits on the shelf in her room as a reminder of times gone by.

    I hope Mouse never gets lost and ends up on a shelf in your daughters room when she is all grown up.


  4. Awww how adorable. I’m not sure my daughter has selected one cuddly to take to bed with her. This morning I found her in bed with my bear from childhood. #MyCapturedMoment

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