Book Review: Starlight Wishes by Anne Marie Ryan and James Newman Gray (Talk of the Town #32)

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For this week’s Talk of the Town, I am sharing a review for probably one of the cutest books we’ve ever bought for our little girl. I know that this blog has featured children’s books quite heavily lately, but life has been so busy that I literally had no time to pick up a book for myself. We do, however, make sure that we read a bedtime story for our little girl every single night 🙂



I have to admit that I sometimes tire of reading the same books over and over again to our daughter, but this one is a complete exception. I love reading this book as much as she likes listening to the story. Starlight Wishes is all about two little bears that instead of going straight to bed in the evenings, like to imagine different adventures they can go on – from riding a rollercoaster (which our little one is a huge fan of, by the way – our little adrenaline junkie definitely hasn’t inherited this trait from me!) to visiting a land where all their favourite princesses live, to flying on a back of a dragon – these two teddy bears definitely don’t lack any imagination.

The illustrations in this book are truly gorgeous which I find to be vital for a good book for young children. Starlight Wishes is the perfect bedtime story and is a book that has taken a very special place on our daughter’s bookshelf.




  1. The premise of this book sounds great and the cover is gorgeous. No wonder it’s your little girl’s fav bedtime read.

    • It really is a gorgeous book! I’ll have to have a look around if I can get hold of more books by this author.

  2. Sounds lovely, loving reading your blog and best of luck with baby! So exciting for the little ones when a new sibling is arriving and when bubba comes, wow! You will see a special bond grow!

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