My Captured Moment #41 – Starting School


The BIG DAY has come and gone. A day our (not so) little girl was looking forward to so much and a day that I was dreading if I am brutally honest. Quite often I would wonder where the time has gone. How is it that it feels like only yesterday I was giving birth to our gorgeous girl, when in fact it is already more than 4 years ago? Of course, I am so happy that her little bubbly personality now really shines through and she is ready to embark on this totally new adventure – big school! The day itself was actually a lot better than I anticipated. The dreadful weather was probably one of the main factors for this. My husband was able to take the day off work so that we could take our daughter to school together. It was literally raining cats and dogs – I kid you not, I was soaked through to my underwear by the time we got back home. As soon as we arrived at the school gates, the teachers whisked the children off into their allocated classrooms and we barely had the chance to say our goodbyes. Which in actual fact was brilliant as it didn’t leave any time for tears. And the tears would have flown – definitely on my pregnant hormonal part (I would have had a pretty good excuse though I think :-)).

And here we are – one week of school is pretty much over and done with and we are settling into a routine. Our daughter loves big school, has already made new friends, is always happy when she comes out of her classroom at the end of the day and is super excited to go again the following day. She would go to nursery 3 times a week and the other 2 weekdays we would have together. Yes, I miss our “mummy/daughter days”, but I couldn’t be any prouder of our gorgeous girl!!

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  1. Oh that is great news that she has settled in so well, it really makes a difference doesn’t it? My goodness she looks tall in the picture, her smile is so infectious. I think these are the most precious #MyCapturedMoments, I still make my 13 year old have her picture taken on the first day of the school year, she will thank me one day ha! xx

    • I think it’s lovely to have your daughter’s picture taken at the beginning of each school year. We will definitely do the same!

  2. Couldn’t believe it when I spotted this – first thought, already? Each milestone is full of expectation and proud moments, but there is always that little tinge of sadness. You’ll still have lots of mummy/daughter days that will be even more precious when you grab them. In the meantime it’s the start of a learning explosion, so be prepared to be amazed! xx

    • I am just so glad that she loves school. It definitely helps that her little friend from nursery managed to get into the same school and they are also in the same class which is so reassuring for both of them. I am looking forward to her first school holidays though :-).

  3. Gorgeous picture, I remember this feeling from last year – it’s tough and I’m not sure il ever get used to it!! Pleased to hear she is settling in nicely #capturedmoment

  4. Hi Heidi, how lovely that your not-so-little-anymore daughter is enjoying school. That makes letting them go a whole lot easier. I hope she continues to love school and makes quality friends.


    • Thanks, Debbie. The first full week is done. I am hoping she is still as excited come Monday!

  5. Looks like both our girls had a big week!! Ah bless her, sounds like she’s doing very well and enjoying ‘big school’. She looks so excited in that picture!! Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

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