Talk of the Town #30 – Book Review: Little Mouse by Riikka Jantti

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For this week’s Talk of the Town, I am sharing my thoughts on the children’s book Little Mouse.


A few weeks ago, I wrote about how much our little girl loves her cuddly mouse toy. This mouse literally goes everywhere with her – to nursery, shopping, on holiday and the likes. We do have quite a few Mickey and Minnie Mouse books that she loves being read for bedtime, but we never owned any non-Disney related books where the main character is a mouse. I was recently approached by the publishers Scribble asking whether we would like to review Little Mouse. Given our daughter’s “mouse obsession”, we jumped at the chance.
Little Mouse is such an endearing children’s book that we must have read at least 20 times by now. It is all about how a toddler mouse experiences a typical day. From his mummy dressing him, taking him to nursery, doing the shopping and finally his bedtime routine. Now Little Mouse isn’t always the best behaved little one (arguably not the wisest book to read before bedtime, as Little Mouse refuses to do many things asked of him with multiple uses of “No”) and tests his mother’s nerves a few times throughout the book (I suppose this is something, all of us mummy’s and daddy’s can easily relate to). The illustrations in this book are super cute and there is not too much written text in this book either. Our daughter often asks for it to be read to her again immediately after finishing it! She has already completely memorised this whole book by heart and  now “reads” it on her own.



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  1. Oh, I love it when children get to that ‘reading’ it themselves stage. “Little Mouse” must be a good book to have earned the honour of being memorized 🙂

    • She loves it, Suz! I am so glad that my little girl is just as obsessed with books as I am :-).

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