Talk of the Town #31 – Our little girl’s current most favourite bedtime reads

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I am so lucky that our little girl is as much in love with books as I am. At every parent evening in nursery, the teachers would tell us that she likes storytime the most and will always sit quietly and listen expectantly. There is not one night she will go to bed without having been read a bedtime story first. For this week’s Talk of the Town, I am sharing our little girl’s current most favourite bedtime reads.
She is still absolutely obsessed with Anna and Elsa and I don’t think that this will change anytime soon. We have a lot (and I seriously mean a lot) of Frozen related items at home – from dolls to costumes to towels to slippers… When we went to Disneyland earlier on the year, it was definitely a highlight for her to see Anna and Elsa in the parade. I will never forget her little face when both characters waved to her.
Sofia the First
Funnily enough, our little one doesn’t like watching the Sofia the First TV programme, but she loves the books. We’ve got quite a few books in the series and she enjoys them all. She really loves princesses at the moment and we know that everything princess related will be a hit with her.
Little Miss Helpful
My husband already was a Mr Men fan when he was little and he is so pleased that his daughter shares this passion. We love the illustrations in these books and the humourous bits are not lost on our little girl. Little Miss Helpful is a brilliant book. This character has the best intention to be helpful when in actual fact, the help she offers is not necessarily that helpful.
Katie Morag and the Wedding
This book is quite a recent addition to our little one’s book collection. Now Katie Morag is actually a programme our daughter enjoys watching on Cbeebies and when she saw this book in a shop the other day, she really wanted it. I am not too keen on the illustrations in this book, but our little girl loves it. I think she is most drawn to the fact, that she already knows all the characters from TV.




  1. Some good choices here. I love the Mr Men books too.
    But Frozen? It’s such an over-rated film. I mean, it’s OK but it doesn’t deserve the hype it gets. Their publicity manager was a genius.

    • I kind of agree with you on the Frozen topics, but I think all the little girls love it :-).

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