#AVerySecretBlogTour (Guest Post by Katerina Diamond)

As soon as a very intriguing email from publisher Avon landed in my inbox, asking whether I wanted to be part of #AVerySecretBlogTour, I said “yes” without any hesitation. Avon does come up with some brilliant ideas for blog tours and I thought this newest one was just fantastic! Let me tell you a bit more about this blog tour. First of all, it is for Katerina Diamond’s newest release, The Secret. The book itself is not a secret, but furthermore the bloggers taking part in this blog tour are. The identity of the bloggers involved is kept a secret until the day it is their turn on the tour. The night before, Avon will leave some hints as to who the blogger might be… 


The Secret Garden

(Guest Post by Katerina Diamond)

When I was a child I was given two books for Christmas. They were navy blue, leather-bound and had little colourful illustrations on a few of the pages. I absolutely loved these books and read them from cover to cover so many times; the excitement of turning the page and finding a picture was something that never got old. To this day I still remember the pictures. One of the books was Little Women and the other was The Secret Garden. 

The idea of The Secret Garden is something that still draws me in: a garden that is hidden away from the rest of the world, with a concealed entrance and a beautiful rope swing hanging from a tree branch – that fed the romantic in me almost as much as Jo March and her handsome German Professor Fritz Bhaer in Little Women. Over the years we lost a lot of our belongings and so those books disappeared and I was quite bereft.

The Secret Garden was a dark book, with so much darkness that I remember feeling like it wasn’t meant for children to read in places, and after doing a little research I found out it wasn’t originally a children’s book but was actually a serial in a magazine. The protagonist is quite a dislikeable little girl who learns to grow and become herself within the confines of a secret garden. The idea being that spending time alone and unwatched would uncover her true self, allowing her to grow into a person she had never known she was. I think it was quite a powerful lesson when a lot of stories were telling us that money or love were the answer to all of our problems.

Recently I was in a local second hand shop and I saw those books I’d had – exactly the same ones – and I bought them again. I even wondered if they were my own copies, they were so familiar. I read them as soon as I got them home, the familiarity of the pictures bringing back so many memories (of being alone reading!). They sit on my bookshelf among my Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes books. We all have those favourite books from childhood, and those two were mine.



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