Book Review: Never Again by Nicky Clifford (Talk of the Town #38)

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For this week’s Talk of the Town I am sharing my thoughts on the debut novel Never Again by Nicky Clifford.



Never Again is Nicky Clifford’s debut novel. I really love reading books by new authors. Finding out how they approach and create their storylines is always like a fresh breath of air.

Nicky Clifford certainly does not disappoint. Set (mainly) in a hotel in the Swiss Alps, this novel explores the interrelationship between two characters, their background stories and the troubles (past and future) they are dealing with and have to come to terms with. There is also a wide array of supporting characters that each contribute their bit to the well crafted storyline.

Harriet leaves her old job behind to start afresh as hotel staff in Switzerland, but can she forget about all her worries or will her past catch up with her? Crime writer Philippe escapes to said Swiss hotel to find some piece and quiet to work on his new book. As soon as these two characters meet, they both know there lives will be turned upside down. Although Philippe has sworn off women, will Harriet be able to find a way into his heart?

Never Again is a clever and intriguing romantic novel. I loved that neither of the characters are perfect, but are going on quite a journey in order to deal with their difficult lives.

This book is definitely a debut worth reading and I’ll eagerly be awaiting Nicky’s next novel.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this novel, but all opinions are entirely my own.




  1. I like reading debut novels too and this sounds an interesting story. Thanks for reviewing.

    • It’s great to discover new authors, Suz, isn’t? I am always intrigued to find out how their second novels turn out.

  2. The Swiss Alps sounds like a fabulous setting. And I agree it’s always nice to discover new authors and see how they tell a story. Glad it was good!

    • The setting really was breathtaking! I am excited to find out how Nicky’s second novel will turn out.

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