Children’s Book Review: The Sheep that Saved Christmas (Talk of the Town #37)

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For this week’s Talk of the Town, I am sharing our thoughts on the children’s book The Sheep that Saved Christmas.


I know it’s still only October and some might think it might be too early for Christmassy books – not my family though :-). We discovered it the other day at The Works (they had a fantastic deal on a variety of children’s book) and couldn’t help ourselves, but to buy it.

Since then, we’ve read the story a few times as a bedtime read for our little girl and we all really enjoy this book. The heroine in this book is a little sheep who loves Christmas. All of her friend are fed up by the sheep’s constant Christmas talk and decide to buy her a ticket to the North pole to see Santa as an early Christmas present.

Extremely excited,the little sheep gets on the first flight out there. Things don’t go completely to plan, but in the end it is this little sheep that saves Christmas.

The story is really sweet and relatively unique, I thought. Contrary to most children Christmas books in which an animal of some sorts saves Christmas it will usually always be my means of acting as one of Santa’s reindeer – but not in this story.

If there is one thing I’d criticise about this book, it would the font it is written in. I really struggled the first few times to decipher all of the words.



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