Just Me And Her


I still cannot believe that my little girl is no longer so little, but started school a few weeks back. She is settling in nicely and enjoys “big school” very much. I love seeing her excited little face when I pick her up from school. She is always happy and skips into my arms to give me the biggest hug (I know it won’t be like this forever, but as long as it lasts, I will truly treasure these special moments).

We are slowly settling into our routine. I walk her to school in the mornings (it takes us a good 25 minutes), then take the train into work and do the same in reverse in the afternoons. However, I am finding that the more my pregnancy progresses, the harder I find the walk to and from the train station (it also doesn’t help that the trains are constantly delayed and making me late for work). So from next week onwards, I will take her to school by car on the days that I am going into work. I am slightly worried about parking at school. There really isn’t that much room, but I suppose if we leave early enough, we should be fine. Wish me luck!

I will still savour the days on which we are walking to and from school. Especially on those beautifully crisp winter days of which we will hopefully be having quite a few. Her little hand in mine and her telling me excitedly all about her day at school – so precious! Come January, it won’t be just me and her anymore, but her little sibling to join us on our walks to school. We are all looking forward to Baby #2’s arrival so much, but as long as it is just me and her (and occasionally her daddy if he finishes work on time :-)), I will make the most of it.


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  1. You’ve made me feel really lazy, Miss H’s nursery is a 30 minute walk but I get the bus most of the way and walk the last bit!! You have inspired me to walk there tomorrow!! I am so glad your daughter is enjoying school; it’s lovely when they love learning. #TheOrdinaryMoments x

    • Hope you enjoyed your walk to school :-). I’ll definitely be lazy and take the car when it is raining!

  2. Ah how lovely. It’s nice that you get that time together, my son was not quite two when my daughter arrived so I feel like we didn’t have much time just the two of us, it’s all a distant memory now! Great that she’s enjoying school too x

    • Time just flies though, doesn’t it? January will be here quicker than I think. Then it will be me, her and Baby #2 :-).

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