Our thoughts on the children’s book Chicken Little (Talk of the Town #35)

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For this week’s Talk of the Town, I am sharing our thoughts on the children’s book Chicken Little.


This book is “slightly” controversial in our household. Our little girl is obsessed with this book and asks for it to be read as her bedtime story at least a few times a week. Whereas my husband and I are already dreading hearing the words “Chicken Little”…

Don’t get me wrong, we also liked this book quite a lot (the first 10 times or so). The storyline is quite cute and there is a fantastic moral in the end. Chicken Little is wandering through the woods, when suddenly an acorn falls on his head. He thinks, however, that the sky is falling down and sets out to tell the King. On this way, he meets several other animals who are all convinced by what he is saying is true, and together they warn other animals they meet on the way to the King’s Palace.

The story goes a little like this: Chicken Little met Henny Penny and Henny Penny met Cocky Locky and so on and so on. On each page the names are recited again and the more pages you read, the more names are being added and repeated – I am sure, you’ll get the idea and probably also understand why this book has become quite annoying for my husband and I. I feel like horrible parents, but we have actually gone so far as to hide this book on the bottom of the book pile, but after tears from our daughter because she couldn’t find her beloved book, we gave in and read it a few more times afterwards.

There are definitely books out there that I really don’t mind reading over and over again, but unfortunately Chicken Little is not one of them. Is there a book that your little ones love, but that you are utterly fed up with reading?




  1. Your pain at having to read this story over and over made me laugh. Sorry.
    All children seem to get attached to one particular story. My grandson likes Green Eggs and Ham at the moment and, while I love Dr Seuss, reading ‘Not in a box, not with a fox,’ etc multiple times drives me nuts.
    Here’s to moving on to bigger and better storylines 🙂

    • There are some lovely children’s books out there, but I swear some are specifically written to trip parents up!! xx

  2. I’ve noticed that children have a magic ability to choose the books that will annoy their parents the most… or perhaps it’s just the fact that even the best book in the world will pall after it’s been read six times an evening for a week. Mind you, it did wonders for my pronunciation when I was an au pair in Germany!

    • Haha, yes I agree. It seems that our children are masters in choosing annoying bedtime reads :-).

  3. My daughter is now 43. This book drove me nuts. I tried missing pages out but no. . . She knew! We had every day for months, or so it seemed.

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