Autumn Leaves

I am not the biggest fan of Autumn and Winter (apart from Christmas obviously), but I do like the changing Autumn leaves. The colours are stunning and if it is cold but sunny (definitely emphasis on sunny here!) walking on/in the crunchy leaves can be so much fun.

Last weekend we spent pretty much one whole afternoon raking up the leaves in our garden (I swear you couldn’t even see the grass anymore). Our little girl had so much fun helping her daddy with the leaves. I am not sure how much help she actually was in the end, but both had a brilliant time.

I only made it outside for a few minutes as I was still suffering from an acute sinusitis (I am starting to feel better now though – finally!). Because I am nearly 33 weeks pregnant, there was not a lot of medication I could take to soothe the pain. I took the odd paracetamol, but tried to limit them as much as possible.

Here are a few pictures I took at the weekend.





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  1. Aw Heidi that is awful I suffer from Sinusitis and it is agony you poor thing, I hope it is better soon. I am going to miss all these crunchy leaves x

    • I am feeling much better now,Sarah. Thank you! It really is a painful illness though!! Our leaves are all tidied away. The lawn is now ready for snow :-). xx

  2. Oh it looks like she is having a great time – bless her! Oh no sinusitis is awful even when you can take all the medication going, I hope you feel better soon lovely xx

    • Thanks very much, Lisa. I’ve got a second cold now :-(. I don’t seem to be able to shake off this virus. Oh well, at least baby is doing absolutely fine! xx

  3. I know what you mean about Autumn but it is so beautiful. Your girl looks like she’s having a great time with the leaves, she’s really getting into it, isn’t she? Hope you’re feeling better now hon. Thanks for linking up xxx

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