My Reading Habits (Talk of the Town #39)

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For this week’s Talk of the Town, I had a slightly different post planned. I originally wanted to share my review of Julia Williams’ newest release It’s A Wonderful Life. I am hugely excited for this title and did a little squeal when it arrived in the post. I started the first few chapters, but was then struck by a horrific cold that turned into a chronic sinusitis. With me being 31 weeks pregnant basically means that I cannot take much medication (well, none to be fair – apart from a paracetamol here and there) to ease the pain. I am hoping daily that my symptoms will improve, but no luck so far. Right – enough with the moaning, but this basically means that I haven’t read anymore pages from Julia’s fantastic book as I cannot concentrate on anything at the moment. However, this gave me the idea of sharing my reading habits with you. Illness taken aside, the amount of books I read per month (even per week) is certainly never consistent.

Quite often, I will take a little reading break when I read a book that had a huge impact on me (that can either be a thought-provoking novel or a book that left a huge impression on me). I often find, that I need to take a little break to properly “digest” the book.

I also feel that a read a little more in the winter than in the summer. Nothing is more comfortable than cuddling up on the sofa to my husband drinking a hot chocolate and indulging in a fantastic novel.

My most favourite place to read? Well, that’s a rather hard one! In the summer time it would definitely be on a sunlounger in the garden. During the colder month, I love to read in the bath (this is where paperbacks come in more handy than my kindle –  I am the most clumsiest person on the planet, and I am sure the kindle would probably take a bath before I even had the change to read a whole chapter). My third preferred reading space is my bed – especially after a hard day at work, I find it super relaxing to read a few chapters before I turn the light off and fall asleep.

What are your reading habits?




  1. Aw, hope you feel better! I like reading in the winter with a hot beverage when it’s cold and blinding snow out- ha ha! But I probably read less in the summer, although now that I blog it’s pretty consistent year round I guess? I have noticed WHAT I read differs more than the amount of reading- I’ve gotten into the seasonal thing, with mysteries/ thrillers in the fall and fantasy in th winter, that kind of thing.

  2. At the moment I’ve been trying to read on the sofa during the evening but it’s not working … too distracted by movies on Sky (Fred Claus? The Holiday? Monsters University? Joy? yep, watched them this past week!) I’m still reading in bed but falling asleep much quicker!

    Hugs Heidi. Hope you feel better soon. x

  3. I’m with you reading on the sun lounger in the summer but the rest of the time I have a big chair that I like to read on in my little office. If I’m lacking inspiration for writing, it’s time to pick up a book – happens a lot lol.
    Hope you soon feel better enough to take on “A Wonderful Life” 🙂

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