Sleepless Nights


Here we are. I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has just raced by. I really want to savour these last few weeks (hopefully) as we know that this will be our last baby. We always wanted two children and having two girls is an absolute bonus! Our daughter is so excited at becoming a big sister and she has already formed quite a strong bond with the bump. A bond, that sometimes brings a tear to my eye! As soon as she wakes up in the morning she wants to kiss and stroke the bump. The other day she kept some of her chocolates back saying it’s for her little sister… Too cute!

Apart from the recurrent colds and my sinus problems, I have no pregnancy related aches or pains (which I am super grateful for). Sleeping is the only thing that isn’t really happening right now. However, I can still remember that this was just the same with our daughter during the last weeks of pregnancy.

I fall asleep quite easily in the evenings, but am woken up by frequent toilet visits (oh the joy of baby pressing on the bladder!). I don’t always fall asleep straight after, but strangely I don’t mind. I quite like being awake when my surroundings are completely quiet (apart from the gentle snoring from my husband and believe it or not from our cat who usually sleeps under our bed…). This is usually my time to think. To think about what’s to come. That in only a few short weeks we will be welcoming the final puzzle piece to our family. This thought just fills me with so much love and joy. I can feel baby kick when I am lying in bed awake and this is honestly just the best feeling in the world!

Our daughter was born at 37 weeks and I know that this doesn’t necessarily mean that this baby will be early too, but I do have a feeling she might be. But maybe she will surprise us all and doesn’t make an appearance before her due date. Who knows? Either way we are so incredibly excited and cannot wait to hold this baby in our arms.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you’re almost there!! Only a few weeks (or even days) before you get to hold your beautiful baby in your arms. I’ll be stalking your social media for the next few weeks.

    Thank you so much for supporting My Captured Moment, tomorrow will be the last week of the linky, I feel like it has come to a natural end and have decided to finish the weekly link-up. I’ll still do a My Captured Moment post from time to time but they will not include a linky at the end. Wishing you and your family the merriest of Christmas xxx

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