Fun in the bath with Vital Baby

Ever since our oldest daughter was a baby, she has loved her time in the bath. Over the years, we have collected numerous bath toys or sometimes various shampoo bottles that we cannot get rid of as they’ve all been given names and are dear to her heart (Yes, she does have a lively imagination :-)).

We have recently been sent a few bath toys from Vital Baby in order to put them to the test. These made an immediate positive impact with our daughter, The first evening she tried them out, we couldn’t get her out of the bathtub for a good hour as she was happily playing with these new toys. 

There really is a lot to love about these bath toys. First of all, they are extremely versatile. The Swim Rings can be used as single floats, be attached to form a ring or a long train. Our littlest daughter is completely fascinated by the vibrant colours of the bath toys. I know that when she is old enough for the big bath, she will also get hours of endless fun out ot these lovely toys. We also thought that the quality of these bathtub friends is excellent. We have had many squirty toys that were quite hard and therefore made it near enough impossible to get all the water out when taking them out of the tub and drying them. We had to throw many of these out as they started to mold on the inside. These Vital Baby Bath Toys, however, are a lot softer and so far we have not had any problems emptying them.

Our verdict: These toys have been a huge hit with our daughter and we would highly recommend them.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Swim Rings and the Stick and Slide Toy for review, but all thoughts and opinions are entirely our own. 



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