Book Review: Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland


PAGES: 416

PUBLICATION DATE: 29th June 2017

What a brilliant read! I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately, having started a few books, but not being able to finish them due to various reasons. Wilde Like Me, however, was not one of these books. I thoroughly enjoyed it and picked it up whenever I had a free minute. I finished the book at the hairdressers and earned a few peculiar stares from the lady sitting next to me as I couldn’t help myself from smirking at Louise’s fantastically witty writing style.

Robin, the heroine in this book, is so incredibly relatable and I would go so far as to argue there is a bit of Robin in each and everyone of us. She is feisty and knows (pretty much) what she wants, but battles secretly with her insecurities. 

Louise created a wide array of characters that are each just as loveable as the next and that add so much substance and support to the story. There are a tonne of laugh-out-loud moments in this book which brilliantly go hand in hand with the more serious issues Robin is facing. 

Wilde Like Me is a wonderfully entertaining read about motherhood, friendships  and daily trials and tribulations. Definitely a book that will proudly sit in my “books to keep” shelf.


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