Book Review: Little Mouse’s Christmas by Riikka Jantti



PUBLICATION DATE: 9th November 2017

Little Mouse’s Christmas in another instalment in the adorable Little Mouse series. This time, just as the title suggests, Little Mouse gets caught up in the excitement leading up to Christmas. Similar to little people, Little Mouse has a hard time waiting for the big day to arrive, but luckily Mummy Mouse has lots of festive activities planned to keep the little varmint busy.

It’s very easy to love the Little Mouse books. They are filled with so much cuteness and brilliantly highlight day-to-day situations (no matter if you are a little mouse or a little person…). The writing style is simple, yet very engaging which make them perfect for children who are just starting to read coupled with colourful, detailed illustrations. This book gives us an interesting insight into a Finnish Christmas, too, with slightly different customs in comparison to a typical British celebration. Finland is a country we have always wanted to visit, and we already feel like it is our second home thanks to the Little Mouse series!

Thank you, Scribe, for providing us with a review copy of this gorgeous children’s book. All views and opinions are entirely our own.


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