Book Review: The Sunday Lunch Club by Juliet Ashton

PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster

PAGES: 416

PUBLICATION DATE: 19th April 2018

As soon as I read the title and the rules of the Sunday Lunch Club, I knew I was going to enjoy this book. Every family should have regular family gatherings just like the Piper’s do. What better way to discuss and (hopefully) solve problems, gossip and generally just enjoy each others company. If only my family lived closer (we are all in different countries), I’d definitely be an advocate for a Sunday Lunch Club!

I was certainly not disappointed by this book. The whole plot went a lot deeper than I had initially thought from reading the back cover. I loved that there was not just one main character, but in fact the reader gets to know the whole Piper family inside and out (including some hidden and well-kept secrets). The Sunday Lunch Club kept me guessing throughout and some of the plot twists and turns I did not see coming.

If you are looking for an escape from the busy day-to-day life, join the Piper family on their Sunday Lunch Club. I promise, you will laugh out loud, almost feel like one of the Piper’s and if you are anything like me, also shed a few tears along the way.


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