Planning for 2019

If you are anything like me you will have started planning ahead for 2019 weeks ago. I love to be organised! Writing lists, daily to-do-tasks etc. gives me a feeling of accomplishment and helps me to not feel overwhelmed. When Danilo asked whether we would like to review some of their products from the 2019 calendar range, I jumped at the opportunity.

left to right: The Incredibles Family Planner, Mary Poppins Fashion Diary, Princesses change-it-up calendar

I usually have at least one diary per year on the go (don’t ask – I am a stationary hoarder and when I find one during the year I like better than the one I currently use, I have to buy it…). Most years, we will have a calendar in the kitchen for doctor’s appointments, school activities, meetings etc. and one in the girls’ room.

The Incredibles Family Planner

I really like this calendar! It comes with different columns for each family member and lots of stickers to add a great deal of personalisation. There is also a flap on the bottom which can hold appointment cards and other small items. I love this feature. Normally these cards would be plastered all over our fridge and constantly fall off as the girls love playing with the fridge magnets (surely, that’s just not us! :-))

Mary Poppins Fashion Diary

You can never go wrong with Mary Poppins! This diary will be a great companion for me for 2019.

Princesses Change-It-Up Calendar

Our girls love Disney and everything princess related. Our trip to Disneyland Paris was such a huge success, especially meeting their favourite princesses :-). This change-it-up calendar is just perfect. The months column is separate from the actual picture column which means she can choose a different princess pretty much every day and change the pictures around as often as possible. Such a brilliant idea.

All three calendars have a RRP of £9.99 and are available from the Danilo website, calendar club and select high street stockists.

Which are your favourite diaries/calendars to use?

Thank you very much to Danilo for gifting us these products for the purposes of creating this blog post.


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