Children’s Book Review: The Light in the Night by Marie Voigt


So when Cosmo comes to life, it is the perfect opportunity for Betty to help him overcome his fear and show him the beauty of the night.

With a lantern in one hand and Cosmo’s paw in the other, join Betty on a wonderful adventure that will light up every child’s story time!

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s UK
Pages: 32
Publishing Date: 7th February 2019


This is such a cute children’s book and has quickly become a staple read on my daughter’s most favourite pile of bedtime stories.

My girls love this handsomely illustrated story, which teaches the virtues of bravery and teamwork in a gentle fashion. There is a lovely surprise at around the halfway point, which genuinely took my breath away with its innovation. Betty and Cosmo are endearing characters who accept each others faults and together, through their friendship, become braver and make a huge difference to each other’s lives.


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