Happy 4th Birthday to our gorgeous little girl!

You are such a happy little person!

You make us proud every single day!

You are kind, gorgeous and generous!

We love the way you constantly try and make us laugh!

We love your unique sense of fashion :-)!

We love the pictures and cards you draw for us!

You are such a little explorer and thrill-seeker – no mountain is too high for you to climb!

We love seeing you flourish and develop – you are such a clever girl!

We couldn’t have wished for a better daughter!

We love you so very much!! Happy Birthday, honey!

Mummy and Daddy xxx




Farfetch Launches Beautiful Kids Wear Range

I will not lie, shopping for clothes is actually something I very much enjoy (as opposed to the weekly grocery shop). I used to browse the high street stores quite regularly, but since becoming a mum and going back to work, I don’t have as much time to do so. I now mainly clothes shop online in the evenings from the comfort of our sofa (ah – bliss!). Our little girl had a real growth spurt lately and is outgrowing her clothes so very quickly. She also has her very own fashion sense and loves loves choosing which outfits to wear. She will quite often ask me: “Does this match, mummy?” (yes, definitely a mini-me!).  We buy most of her clothing from either Gap, Next or H&M (I am obsessed with their kids ranges).  A few days ago, I received an email from Farfetch, the online destination for the world’s best boutiques, about the recent launch of their kids wear range. As part of their launch campaign, they sent us this gorgeous colouring poster designed by illustrator Will Broome. My little girl loves this poster and was engrossed in her colouring for quite some time. image After she finished her masterpiece, my little fashionista and I had a good look through the Farfetch website and chose these pieces as our most favourite ones (the decision, however, wasn’t easy – the clothes are all stunning). PicMonkey Collage

Dolce and Gabbana Kida lemon print brocade dress

MSGM Kids sequin bird T-Shirt

Moshino Kids graphic rose print dress

Yound Versace Medusa stud printed T-Shirt

Rykiel Enfant polo dress

Stella McCartney Kids „Zachary“ Skirt

These items come with a certain price tag and I wouldn’t kit my little girl out completely in designer clothing, but there is nothing wrong with owning one or two statement pieces.

Stay Safe in the Snow – Winter Driving Tips

I am not a huge fan of winter, but I love snow. Playing outside, building snowmen, sledging – there are endless opportunities. I’ll never forget the huge smile on our little girl’s face when she saw snow for the first time.


Driving in snow, however, is a completely different subject. If your car is not winter-safe, you can encounter so many problems. A few years ago, we had quite a scary experience driving to Germany over the Christmas period. When we left England there was no snow at all, but as soon as we got to France it started snowing quite heavily. We saw so many accidents and stranded cars along the way and by the time we made it to Holland, the driving conditions were so bad, that motorways were being shut. After several hours of driving along country roads (sometimes not even knowing whether we were even still on a road!) we arrived safely at our destination. Luckily our car was equipped with winter tyres – without these we would have never managed to get through all this snow.

There are plenty of winter safety tips you can find online, but here are my top tips:

My top winter driving tips

  • winter tyres are an absolute must!
  • a Sat Nav will come in handy (we had to find alternative routes when major roads were shut). The one we use is from TomTom and has always been incredibly reliable
  • take plenty of food and drink (you never know what the delays will be like)
  • pack some warm blankets (it can get chilly if you are stuck in static traffic and with the engine off)
  • if you are travelling with children, make sure you have enough books, toys, games etc. with you to keep them entertained (journeys in the snow can often take a lot longer than anticipated)

I doubt we will see any snow in England this winter (although you’ll never know), but if you are off to a snowy destination this winter, you might find the following infographic designed by Pryers very helpful.


Are  you planning any winter holidays this year?

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post


Mumsnet #Blogfest15 – A brilliant, informative and inspiring day


Saturday was finally the day – a day I had been looking forward to for so long. I have to admit I was also incredibly nervous and my legs were shaking like leaves when I walked towards the venue; it was the first time I had attended a blogger conference. There was no need to worry though, all the other bloggers were incredibly friendly and easy to talk to – in the fact, the whole atmosphere was so relaxed and it felt as if I was among friends and not people I had met for the first time.

The conference started with a superb panel discussion on motherhood and creativity. Bestselling author Margaret Atwood joined in via live video link – although the technology did not work 100%, I found her input invaluable. Throughout the day, there were further panel discussions and breakout sessions bloggers were able to attend. The evening finished with the inaugural Mumsnet Blogging Awards and a drinks reception.

During break times, we had the chance to chat to the Blogfest sponsors and to learn more about their exciting products and campaigns. I was especially intrigued by Village England (their range of handbags is gorgeous!) and Unilever’s #BRIGHTFUTURE campaign

I learned so much during Blogfest (from tips to improving my photography skills to hearing more about interesting marketing strategies). I left the conference feeling truly inspired and motivated. A huge Thank you to Mumsnet, all the organisers and sponsors for this fantastic day. I’ll definitely be back next year.

Driving Tips: Winter Tyre Safety


Image Source

Driving in winter means taking even more care on the road than usual. It is generally darker and the road surfaces can be in worse condition, usually because potholes develop from iced-over sections of the tarmac. In addition, the weather can make it harder to brake, putting more pressure on you car’s tyres every time you need to decelerate.

Firstly, it is important to have your tyres properly inflated during the winter months. Although it is good at other times of the year, too, in winter you are more likely to hit road debris and to drive over uneven road surfaces. This can mean your tyre pressure alters more quickly than at other times. Check your tyre pressure every second time you fill up with fuel and bear in mind the both under and over inflated tyres can be dangerous, especially if you are driving in wintry conditions.

Replacing worn out tyres is not just a safety issue – it is one that the law demands of all road users. Choose a reputable tyre dealer when it is time to replace them and avoid low-cost part worn tyres which tend to be a false economy. For new products from a huge range of manufacturers, buy car tyres from point-s.co.uk where you will get advice about the best ones for winter driving appropriate to your vehicle. Remember that exchanging your tyres before they become too worn to drive on is advisable, particularly in the winter months, because running them to the limit means stopping times increase and your wheels’ ability to grip the road becomes diminished.

Another good tip for winter safety is to consider opting for winter tyres. These sorts of tyre are specifically designed for use in snowy and icy conditions. Perfect for drivers who face regular flurries of snow, perhaps where their journeys take them onto higher ground, these tyres have little rubber spiky sections, or sipes, which afford traction even in snow and ice. In addition, their rubber compound means that they are better at gripping when the temperatures are lower, so you get better performance for turning and braking even in sub-zero conditions. Once fitted, they don’t need to be changed in summer and can keep being driven on without any hassle.

Lastly, driving techniques should be considered more carefully in winter. By allowing yourself more braking room between yourself and the vehicle in front, you will need to brake less. You can often adjust for changes in the traffic flow just by taking your foot off the accelerator pedal for a few seconds, given adequate room. As such, your tyres are put under less pressure and they will last longer, affording more grip when you might need it.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post.