The Siblings Project (May 2017)

Here we are. Another month is gone which means it’s time for another siblings project post. For the first time since our baby girl was born, we were able to take this month’s pictures outside. Yay, summer time seems to finally be on its way. I am very much looking forward to spending more time in the garden.

I find it hard to believe that we are in May already. Please time, slow down!! Although I cannot wait for the summer holidays, I find it scary that my big girl will start year 1 afterwards. It feels like only yesterday she started reception. 

Our baby girl had her 3rd lot of immunisations this month. Luckily she coped with them really well, but I am so glad we are done with needles for some time yet.

The girl’s bond seems to grow stronger by the day. Both are equally in awe of one another. Our recent purchase of a bath support for our baby girl means that our daughters can now enjoy bath time together which they both love.

We were afraid of jealousy issues, as for nearly five years, our older girl was an only child and completely used to having Mummy and Daddy’s undivided attention. Luckily these fears were unnecessary,  she copes with being a big sister so well and is (a good 90% of the time) so kind, caring, understanding and protective towards her little sibling. Just today we were out meeting some friends at the playground.  The girls were jumping on a trampoline and I was sitting on the side with our baby girl. It made me so proud when our older daughter kept reminding her friends to be careful around her little sister.

I have no idea why our littlest one pulls a grumpy face on each picture, but as soon as she only as much as spies my phone or my camera, her happy smiley face is being replaced by a frown. Not quite the blogger child just yet :-).

The Me and Mine Project

The Siblings Project (April 2017)

There seems to be a bit of a pattern emerging here as that we take our monthly siblings pictures on our bed. It’s not that we haven’t been out and about lately, we certainly have, but our baby girl is always fast asleep. Sleeping in the pram seems to be her most favourite spot for naps. We’ve been to the zoo at least 3 times since she’s been born, but so far she has not seen one single animal!

We have been loving this Easter break. Not having to rush about in the mornings to get ready for school has been lovely. Every morning, I’ve left my two girls to cuddle in our bed whilst I got up to prepare breakfast for us. They are so cute together!! Our older girl is such a proud big sister who has so much patience and time for her little sibling.

Up until today, we’ve been spoilt with beautiful sunny weather which makes it so much nicer for days out. We’ve met up with friends, been to the zoo and went on an Easter Egg Hunt at a National Trust property. Our older girl loved following the hints and clues to earn her Cadbury Easter Bunny, all while our littlest lady was fast asleep in her pram :-).


The Me and Mine Project

The Siblings Project (March 2017)


And just like that, we are already in month 3 of taking pictures of our two girls together. The last four weeks literally passed by in a blur! We’ve all been hit by colds and coughs and we are starting to get slight cabin fever. I cannot wait for the weather to start warming up so that we can get out and about a little more. Our garden is still so drenched and soaked that it makes it near enough impossible to spend some time out there.

Our baby girl had her first lot of immunisations a couple of weeks ago. She was such a good girl for the nurse. Mummy not so much. I probably resembled a nervous wreck, but I cannot help it. I hate everything to do with needles!!

March is a great month for us. Our big girl turns 5. How did this happen so fast?? She is so excited and hasn’t really talked about anything else for months.

The relationship between my two girls is getting stronger by the day. Our baby girl might be crying her eyes out, but as soon as she sets eyes on her big sister, she instantly quietens down and usually gives her a huge smile. At the same time, our older girl adores and is completely besotted by her sister. She is always by her side, cuddling her and talking to her. I know she gets slightly frustrated by the fact that they cannot play together just yet, but this time will come all too soon anyway!!

Just looking at this month’s pictures, I couldn’t be any more in love with my two perfect girls.

The Me and Mine Project

The Siblings Project (February 2017)

It’s already the second month we’ve been taking pictures of our two children together! It barely feels real that our little one will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Seems like only yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital, but at the same time as if she has always been with us. We definitely found it easier to get back into our normal routine after the second baby. When our oldest was born, it took us a lot longer to get back to “normality”. 

I will never get enough of watching our two children interact with each other. Our littlest one is just as obsessed with her big sister as the other way around. When the baby cries, our oldest will be the first by her side stroking and whispering to her baby sister. It absolutely melts my heart. She has taken to her big sister role like a duck to water and I couldn’t be any prouder of her. 

Yes, we’ve had the odd jealousy issue, but nothing too serious. Our baby girl is a hungry little one and especially over night is nursing for quite some time. I know it gets frustrating for our older one to stand back and wait until the breastfeeding is finished before I can concentrate on her again, but all in all, she is coping really well with this.

Before I started writing this post, I’ve looked back on January’s pictures. It astonishes me how much our baby has changed already. I really need to make the most of these early months. It won’t be too long before this one starts crawling, talking, walking…

We very much enjoyed half term week this past week. Not having to rush to get everyone ready for the school run was brilliant. Although we had quite a busy week planned, we took things easy and made sure we also got a lot of family time in. I treasured having both girls at home with me, but unfortunately tomorrow it’s back to reality with school starting again.

Hopefully these are the last pictures we had to take in the house. With spring now well and truly on its way, we will be able to venture outside a lot more.

The Me and Mine Project

The Siblings Project (January 2017)

This year has been off to the best ever start for us. Our final part to complete our family arrived on 2nd January. We couldn’t be any happier and every time I look at her my heart is bursting with love, joy and pride.

I’ve been following The Siblings Project for a while now and couldn’t wait to finally be able to take part. I love the idea of taking pictures of the children each and every month. Documenting their growth and relationship to one another will make for such great memories to look back on in years to come.

My older girl (it still feels weird to write this as she was our little girl for so long) has been ever so good. Ever since we found out that we were expecting, she was over the moon. She would kiss the bump, sing to it and stroke it on a regular basis. Her anticipation of becoming a big sister has been immense. We weren’t sure whether she would still react like this when baby was here, but we didn’t need to worry. She is the perfect big sister! Yes, sometimes we do have to tell her to be careful and that the baby isn’t a toy. She would love to hold her hand and stroke her constantly, but babies do need (at least) some sleep.

We took these pictures yesterday and they mean so incredibly much to us. Seeing the love and admiration of our older girls face is so touching. Our baby girl has fitted into our family so nicely and it feels as if she has always been here.


The Me and Mine Project